The Lord is my Shepherd; I Shall not want. - PSalms 23:1
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Bro.K.P.Joseph is the founder of the Kalvari Anbu Ministry.He had a very tough life.

In this small insignificant village was born Bro. K.P.Joseph as the last child to the wealthy parents Mr. Poomani nadar and Mrs. Ponnachi Ammal, the LORD had chosen Bro. K.P.Joseph for His eternal cause.

One Hindu Namely Subramanian was born in a village at kasiapuram near alangulam, nellai dist in 1964 to a Hindu parents who were while he was attending the Hindu temples around his village he was also did whichcraft did magician and was properly learned magic’s and practicing them a while he was a tanager. As the Lord revealed to Bro.K.P.Joseph he has started the following step by step from 1997 onwards.
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