On the First Saturday of every month, hundreds of people assemble in the House of God and pray with tears for the salvation of the people, the nation and the rulers, for the protection of the missionaries, for revival in the churches, for the protection of our nation and its prosperity. The prayer continues from 9 PM to 3 AM. Ignoring their exhaustion by the day's work and depriving themselves of the needful hours of rest, many men, women and children come forward with enthusiasm to pray for the country.


Every day we are receiving hundreds of letters from the people with hundreds of problems. Every problem has its own sorrows, which breaks our hearts. We pray for their problems and reply them with the consoling word from God.


We are also ministering among the youths for their salvation, and make them to strengthen in the Lord, and for them to rise and shine. In every Gospel meeting, during the day time, special youth meetings have been conducted for the youths separately.


On the Second Saturday of every month, 2,000 People assemble in the House of God Campus. In this prayer there are times for sweet songs with the accompaniment of music, worship that exhilarates the spirit, and the power-filled word of God. Prayers are offered for the Nation and the missionaries and also for those who have sought prayer support through letters. At the end of prayer time after sharing the word of God, when special prayer are offered for those assembled, people taste the miraculous touch of the Lord in an abundant measure.


God has commanded us to reach the souls in the cities. In abide of His commands we have started to venture in to the cities for reaping the souls by distributing tracts and handbills to the people. Until now we have reached three cities. House Prayer meeting: Weekly five days Monday to Friday house prayer Meeting being organized and conducted in each village covering of nearly 20 villages every month from outside.


Every year an annual convention is being organized in a large scale for 4 days in an open ground before our House of God at parumbu of Alangulam. PREACHING IN CONVENTION: Bro.K.P.Joseph is being invited to preach at the convention meeting in Tamil Nadu and even Mumbai and India also. As a result of the Ministry many miracles were being done. Healing ministry, God given babies to the baron women, cast out the demons such miracles are regularly happening in the ministry.

Kalvari Anbu Childrens Home

We conduct and run the childrens home for the poor and orphange childrens since 13 years. More than 40 childrens were studied inside our home campus, apart from this we help the poor families and motivate their childrens for studying.we bring education to all the other poor childrens from outside home campus by helping their families.
Eye check-up Camp
We arranged the free eye check-up camp for every 3 months by our trust for those peoples in the rural areas. For every 3 months we arrananged this camp for free and give them free spects and lenses for their eyes and other medicines for their visual problems.
AIDS awarness Camp

We found and aid the peoples who have AIDS(acquired immuno deficiency syndrome).we specially arrange an camp for them to teach them the awarness about this syndrome and counsil them how to manage the society and the other peoples.

TB(Tuberculosis) Awarness Camp

As we conducting the awarness march about the TB(Tuberculosis) and aware the peoples that the TB is not an sexually conduct disease and teach them about the necessary precaution of this diseases. In the rural areas the peoples who have TB are hate by the other peoples that’s why we target the rural people areas and take the prevention steps and actions.

Free Books and Dresses for Poor Childrens

We gathered and arranged funds for the poor childrens and family, and helping them by the way of giving free books, notes, dresses, and other goods.

Senior citizen helping scheme

We provide funds and goods for those peoples who are very senior and they cant go to work for their daily needs, we provide them free foods for every day by our home

Free Tailoring Class for Womens

By our trust we organised the free tailouring classes for the womens, by which they can easily make their daily profits for their families,all these steps are taken by our trust to lead the nation to an modernised and without poverty.



Your are requested to pray for this ministry.

If you wish and if you invite we are ready to conduct convention in your area. If the lord leads you give generously towards thus ministry, social work with special, donation, gift.
As we have the income tax exemption from the govt. (80-G) feel free to donate liberally.





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